Gundam Supreme Battle Tw v2.1.1 (Mod Apk) Android & ios

Gundam Supreme Battle KR

Gundam Supreme Battle KR v2.1.1 (Mod Apk) “Mobile Suit Gundam” series, the ultimate history of 40 years is reproduced!
“Mobile Suit Gundam 0079”, “New Mobile Suit Gundam W”, “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED”,
“Mobile Suit Gundam 00”, “Mobile Suit Gundam UC”…
It contains all of the vast history and splendor of the Gundam world!

■■■■■ Game Features ■■■■■
● A different level of real-time action battle ●
No more ordinary battles! Experience three-dimensional battles in real-time in the vast universe.
Everything you need as a Gundam pilot, such as a beam saber, beam rifle, and mega particle cannon, is here.
Defeat enemies with excellent control skills!

Mobile Suit Gundam realized in full 3D
From the main battlefields such as Jabro, A Baoa Ku, and Yakin Due
Z Gundam, Gundam F91, Strike Gundam, and various other leading aircraft!
Feel the full 3D Gundam, space, and large-scale war!

●Original verification! Challenge the powerful boss!●
Challenge the boss that embodies the strength of the original!
Powerful bosses such as Big Jam and Psycho Gundam in the strongest position
A battle awaits you!

●Original voice actors sortie! Feel the famous scenes of the original!●
“Amuro, let’s go!”
Tooru Furuya as Amuro Rei and Soichiro Hoshi as Kira Yamato!
Even Mamoru Miyano in the role of Setsuna F. Seei!
The original voice actors reproduced 100% of the animation’s lines!

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1. BAKA NPC ( on advanture)


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