Garena AOV Legends Showdown TW v1.47.1.1 (Mod Apk) Android & ios

 Garena AOV Legends Showdown TW

Garena AOV Legends Showdown TW v1.47.1.1 (Mod Apk)

★Version update content
1. The brand-new hero of the Temple of Light, Tilly, is the investigator of the Eye of Light.

2. New changes to the legendary battlefield, new adjustments to the grass and defensive towers.

3. A new wild monster was born, and the blue claw crab and the light firefly came to the legendary battlefield.

4. The Ban Pick function has been upgraded in qualifying.

5. New legendary combat power, win the victory and accumulate combat power to dominate the legendary war zone.

6. Unlimited Battle 2.0 is back, with 15 super popular new heroes joining the battle.

7. Friends team up to recruit and upgrade, and the group invitation and invitation prompt task rewards will no longer be missed.

8. Flip through the season story “The Rainbow of Light” and sprint to rank to unlock the content of the story.

★Bug fix

1. Fixed the problem that Pippi’s skill could interrupt the movements of the hero and the dragon Caesar.

2. Fixed the issue that Burton’s ultimate move could limit and hide the summoned Caesar line.

3. Fixed the problem that killing Guangying (Parade Eagle) would not stack the jungler layers for nearby teammates.

4. Fixed the issue that Caesar Vanguard could be inhaled by Pipi’s second skill.

5. Fixed the issue that heroes such as Max and Mujajue could trigger special effects of equipment such as Demon Smile and Chilling Staff through passive damage attached to basic attacks.

★ Game Introduction
“Garena Legends Showdown” is jointly developed by Garena and Tencent Tianmei Studio. It is the most exciting 10-player battle MOBA mobile game. The game emphasizes hero matching, equipment selection, skill casting, positioning operation, and fair battles. It has a delicate style of painting and high-quality game screens. In addition, the built-in voice system facilitates teammates to communicate at any time. It is a must-play game. 5v5 fair team battle MOBA mobile game!

★ Game Features

[Eat soldiers, push towers, and demolish the main castle]: Push towers in three ways, up, down, and down, faithfully restore the classic gameplay, and show your MOBA king strength!
[Fair battle, open a team at any time]: The game does not sell any items that may affect the strength of the hero and the victory or defeat of the battle, enjoy an absolutely fair battle environment, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money to be the king of MOBA!
[10-minute high-speed battle]: An average of 10-minute MOBA team battles, whether you are on the MRT, bus, or even after class, you can control your hero to fight a battle and become the Rank king!
[Multiple modes, rich gameplay]: 5v5 team battle, 3v3 storm canyon, 1v1 duel, 5v5 random single, or challenge the Rank king, choose your hero to fight wildly! More special gameplay will make you and your teammates addicted to it, you must play!
[Built-in voice, real-time communication]: Built-in voice system, no need to type during team battles, direct communication to change strategies instantly!
[Unique Heroes, Exclusive Skills]: More than 100 heroes have exquisite painting styles and unique skill set settings in their respective fields. Only by being proficient in all heroes can you know yourself and the enemy, and you will be safe in a hundred battles!

★ Contact us

Garena Legends Showdown Official Website:
Garena Customer Service Center:
Facebook Fan Group: 傳說對決:六週年版本
Garena 傳說對決:六週年版本
Garena 傳說對決:六週年版本
Garena 傳說對決:六週年版本
Garena 傳說對決:六週年版本

MOD Features*
1. MAP


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