Fantasy Romance Story Games v1.4.2 (Mod Apk) Android & ios

Fantasy Romance Story Games

Fantasy Romance Story Games v1.4.2 (Mod Apk) ?Choose an interactive story in this game and start your romantic journey right away! Make your choices wisely because each of them matters.

In Fantasy Romance, you can fall in love with the love interest and encounter sexy vampires, playful billionaires, werewolf shifters, strong bodyguards, and even gorgeous celebrities in our love stories.

Your decisions would affect your destiny in each of the romantic episodes in the stories!

Play Fantasy Romance – Interactive Story Games with Choices, and enjoy the Love, Fantasy, Passion, and Romance in our story games.

You’ll receive a ?FREE TICKET? & a certain amount of free diamonds EVERY DAY!!!

In the interactive romance stories, you play as the main protagonist, either in a thrilling fantasy world or the romantic modern world.
Choose different paths, and choose whatever you want!

Choose your love adventures, and live your Romantic Dream Life.

Features in Fantasy Romance – Interactive Story Games with Choices:
✦Choose the genres and stories.
✦Enjoy romantic, amazing, exciting adventures in different stories.
✦Make your choices, make the stories your OWN!
✦Choose your love interest, and affect the overall outcome.
✦Experience different fantastic ways of life.

?Amazing romance story games in Fantasy Romance:

A Vampire Story, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy

You need money to pay your sister’s hospital bills, but soon you put yourself in danger–you are on the auction stage where you meet Archie, the wealthiest, the most powerful vampire in the city. He saves you out of there…

A Werewolf Romance Story, Shapeshifter Romance, Alpha

Alpha men? Be the werewolf’s MATE!?
Running into three alphas wasn’t exactly in your plans. Then again, neither was finding out that you were probably a shifter just like them, too.

A Vampire Story, Pregnancy Romance

You work for a vampire in the stunning office, and you are merely his secretary, but not until he asks you to have a baby with him…

A Contemporary Romance Story with Love Triangle

Is it a mistake to fall in love with one of the mysterious men? Does he hate me or want to protect me? His mesmerizing eyes have me drowning. He has secrets hidden in them. What do I do when being taken by his enemy?

All interactive stories are for those who love reading romance books and who are craving exciting journeys. Your unique endings? Yes!

In Fantasy Romance – Interactive Story Games with Choices, you will make your own choices, leading to different romantic episodes and endings, either good or bad ones. Choose your different path and destiny in every episode that you can’t stop reading and playing!

Multiple choices, special events, different paths, and extremely hot scenes! Happiness, touching moments, suffering, love, kiss, and discovering the truth are all waiting for you.

Fantasy, Office Romance, Hollywood Celebrity Romance, Sweet Contemporary Stories, Supernatural Romance, Young Adult stories, Paranormal Vampire and Werewolf Series, Otome, and some more are here for you. Choose your favorite interactive love stories in the game, and have fun!

Play the story games and enjoy each of the romantic journeys. You’ll be making your choices in our interactive romance story games full of love and passion.

Are you craving to experience some exciting adventures in the thrilling fantasy world? Do you want to become a celebrity in the modern world? Now be the protagonist and see how creative you are.
Play the romance story games the way you like, and create any secret you want! Have a thrilling, mysterious romantic relationship with your Mr. Right!

Choose one of the romantic stories, and start your romantic, exciting adventure soon.

Play Fantasy Romance – Interactive Story Games with Choices and explore your love journey in different love stories and Otome games!
Fantasy Romance Story Games
Fantasy Romance Story Games
Fantasy Romance Story Games
Fantasy Romance Story Games
Fantasy Romance Story Games

MOD Features*
1. Menu
2. Unlimited Currency ( Click on the ” + ” icon )


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